Bach Remedies Practitioner (DBR®)

Dr Edward Bach Remedies Practitioner Training

Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a medical doctor and bacteriologist.
He is known in homeopathy for the Bach Nosodes, made from bowel flora. How­ever, he is better known for his work in creating the Bach Flower Remedies.

        Dr Bach Practitioner, DBR®

Dr Bach Practitioner, DBR®
Dr Bach Remedies Practitioner

Training Hours: 140 Hours

Dr Bach Practitioner, DBR® Course Total Hours:
Location: Bahia, Brazil.


Location: Bahia, Brazil

Course Fees:  £300 
Accommodation & Food: £150

1. Scientific Study Hours:         120 Hours

2. Classroom Lecture Hours:
    20 Hours in 26 Lessons (à 45 min.)

3. Clinical Training Hours:        
 20 hours (during 5 days) of Clinical Training

Requisites: Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology or Pathology Course

The program qualifies the student to prescribe Dr Edward Bach Remedies in the field of clinical care as well as for the production, research and quality control of these products in the pharmaceutical industry.

Professional Insurance: Students can apply for Professional Insurance if they wish to.

Change of Mind & Refunds: Our courses are given to the best standards and are second to none.
But each person is different and we understand that things may change.

Our Guarantee to our students
If for any given reason you changed your mind after paying for any course but before taking a class then we will refund your payment “no questions asked”.
If you attended one or more classes and then had a change of mind we will refund you per each day you haven't participated, “again no questions asked”.

           Practicante de Remedios Dr. Bach, DBR®

Dr. Bach Practicante, DBR®
Practicante de Remedios Dr. Bach

Duración de Curso: 140 Horas

Dr. Bach Practicante, DBR® Curso Horas total:
Fechas: En curso Inscripción

Localización: Europa Inglaterra

Localización: América del Sur, Chile, Perú

Tarifas del curso: £300
Acomodacion & Comida: £150
1. Horas de Estudios Científicos: 120 Horas

2. Horas Lecturas en Aula: 20 horas en 26 lecciones (a 45 min.)

3. Horas  de Capacitación Clínica: 20 horas (durante 5 días) de Entrenamiento Clínico

Requisitos: Anatomía, Fisiología y Patología o Curso de Patología

El programa capacita al alumno para la prescripción de Remedios del Dr Edward Bach en el campo de la atención clínica así como para la producción, investigación y control de la calidad de estos productos en la industria farmacéutica.

      Prerequisites and co-requisites

Minimum requisites: Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Course

Ideal requisites: Students with an interest in Health Care.

      Course requirements

What students will have to do in the course: assignments, exams, projects, performances, attendance, participation.

       Clinical Health Research

Clinical Health Research Materials are issued to Students during the Course


Graduates from Volksmed School of Health and Pharmacology having obtained the School Private Title of “Dr”, “a doctor” or similar, should take care not to imply that they hold a general “medical” qualification in case they do not. The School doesn't gives any medical qualifications or titles, the School Students aren't medical doctors and aren't registered with the General Medical Council, and don't practice Allopathic Medicine.

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