Colon Hydropathy Clinical Training Course

Dr. Wood Natural Gravity Method is Natural and gentle because: The flows (of water inlet and waste exit) occur by natural dynamics; gravity and pressure level in case of water inlet, and rhythms of natural colon saturation for expulsions. All this makes the Natural Gravity Method of Colon Hydropathy very comfortable, practical and natural. Combined with the most complete clinical training course in Colon Hydropathy in the world, with clear methodology, both based on clinical experience and clinical research. The Schools has access to the largest Colon Hydropathy library in the world, which is a physical part of the Hospitallers Order of the Good News.

      Study Program

Therapist in Colon Hydropathy

Requirement prior to taking the Course

1. Introductory Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, AP&P (An Anatomy Course can be taken is many places)
2. Submit proof of having had a so-called "Colon Irrigation" by someone not trained by the Volksmed School of Health & Pharmacology
   (This is essential, in order to have a first hand experience between what is Colon Hydropathy (Volksmed School of Health & Pharmacology) and Colon Irrigation as "taught" elsewhere)
3. Prior Required Reading:
    1. Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management 1998 (pages 105 to 141 reading not required)
    2. Colon Hydropathy: The Clinical Evidence and the Health Conditions that Helps to Resolve, 2020

What will you learn

1. How to perform correctly, safely and professionally administer an Enema
2. How to perform correctly, safely and professionally perform Colon Irrigation      

Apart from the technique you will also learn:
Colon Hydropathy is a functional method that assists to optimizing the Gastrointestinal performance.
A properly functioning Gastrointestinal tract is critical to good health and the natural healing process.
Specific study of the Gastro Intestinal System and its relationships with the Health states of the body.

Please Note

Colon Hydropathy is totally and utterly different from Colonic Irrigation. One thing is called Onion and another Bunion, these are two different things. If you are a member of any so-called "Colonic Irrigation", professional association, registry, etc., or an individual who is registered, or seeking to be registered with the "Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council" in the UK, or any other organization calling itself complementary in any part of the world. Then this course is not for you. Colon Hydropathy is Hydropathy thus neither is "Complementary Medicine" nor Naturopathy. Make sure you have your ideas and ideals clarified, and know exactly in what you believe and in whom you believe in. Colon Hydropathy (Hydropathy) has nothing to do with the Medical Trade nor its affiliated Medical Science. Colon Hydropathy is part of Health Science, or Therapeutics of Health.

This Course is Not Suitable for the following individuals

The teachings of the Volksmed School of Health & Pharmacology are totally utterly different from those given by individuals or schools claiming to be medical or complementary, one or the other or both. Thus in order to avoid confusion of ideas, ideals and teachings, the school curriculum is meant to: Teach and is not design to Re-Educate.

1. Medical Trade Practitioners.
2. Anyone who is registered with any organization or association, either; Actual, Related, or Claiming to be any of the following: Medic, Medical, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Paramedic, Complementary.
3. Individuals which are registered, or, are members of any organizations, or associations claiming to be actual or related to the practice of Colon Irrigation.

Certificate: Therapist in Colon Hydropathy
This course you learn the Foundations of Clinical Practice
This is the most comprehensive course in the world, this course comes second to none.

Course Syllabus  
(Non Exhaustive list)

Status of the Colonic Irrigation as a Method of Treatment
What Training is Necessary for the Administration of the Treatment
Method - General, Choice of Apparatus
Enemas - Method and Technique
Colonic Irrigation - Method and Technique
Massage of the Abdomen - Method and Technique

Part I

History of Water (Introduction)
History of Hydrotherapy (Introduction)
History of Colon Hydrotherapy (Introduction)
History of Colon Hydrotherapy in Europe & USA

Part II

General Anatomy of the Abdomen
General Diet
Blood Glucose - Sugar levels within the blood
How food eaten affect putrefaction
Colon Transmit Time
Gastric digestion
Intestinal movements
Physiology of the colon
Anatomical divisions of the colon
Length of entire colon
The caecum
The Lymphatics of the Colon

Part III

Principles of Food in the Human Stomach
Detoxification of the Body

Part IV

Prevention of Health Conditions
Structural Restrictions
The Endocrine System
The Valves of the digestive system

Part V

Laxatives, Candida, Hormonal response, chronic diarrhoea
The effects of common prescribed Laxative Pharmacologic Drugs on the Colon
Mucoid versus nonmucoid stools
Colon X-Ray and Interpretation of Clinical Diagnosis
Analyses of the Bristol Chart & improvements to same
Common Conditions of the Bowel
Detoxification using Colonic Irrigation
Colonic Therapy Treatment Guide and Colon Manipulation

Part VI

Blood Pressure Exam
Indications to Conditions improved using Colonic Therapy
Technical Practice Foundations
Clinical Work
Rectal Injections
Colon Irrigation Method & Detailed Technical Procedure Explained
Warming and Arranging Normal Solutions
Scientific Intestinal Irrigation, Practical & Technical
Visual assessment on bowel condition
Visual assessment on vitamin, mineral and Over the Counter or Prescription Drugs taken
Clinical Training with Colonic Therapy Equipments
Care of the Colonic Irrigation Equipment

Part VII

Working within the Health Profession


Professional Ethics
Hygiene, Sanitation and Public Health
Practice Management & Administration
Professional obligations & Advertisement
Guidance on Health Therapies and Evidence

Course Fees:  £2,500

Price includes: Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Students per Course: 1 to 4 maximum (This level is very technical thus its not suitable for larger numbers in clinical training there is 1 tutor per 4 students max)

Colon Hydropathy Course
Clinical Training
Total Hours:  Therapist in Colon Hydropathy
1. How to perform correctly, safely and professionally administer an Enema
2. How to perform correctly, safely and professionally perform Colon Irrigation      

Bahia Brazil

1. Scientific Study Hours:         250 Hours
2. Classroom Lecture Hours:
    60 Lessons (à 45 min.) during 15 days
3. Clinical Training Hours:          60 Lessons (à 45 min.) during 15 days

Time Table
The course is 15 days and it runs 5 days with 2 day off.

Given in this manner: 5 days of training, with 2 day off, and followed by another 2 X 5 days of training with 2 days offs in between.

Frequent Asked Questions

Course location

If there is not a location near you, then we would arrange a course if there are a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 delegates per course, wishing to travel to the course in your location.

Difference between your Courses, and those of other Schools

We have taken at least 2 courses one in the England and another one in the USA. This courses are some of the best courses around, even so they did not meet expectations, looking at the course material from both courses should give you a clue, of their status, their lacking or short comings. We then proceeded to compare the material with other course manuals in this process we acquired other schools training manuals both in England and the USA, so we obtained 3 more manuals, this were pretty much the same or worse than the ones we had, but neither were the way we expected, this is to be Colonic Irrigation Manuals. For example we were amazed to notice the total disorganization of the material, no logic sequence and it seemed sometimes that we were on another subject course.

One of the courses had two manuals part 1 & 2, it was clear evident that the authors of part 1 were not the authors of part 2, and one wonders if those giving the material ever read it in the first place. As we read all materials we underlined with different colour marks those irregularities, this then were made aware upon our asking and changed, but how many individuals went trough the courses with the wrong information given? After the courses completion and with more research being made and going back to the manuals we eventually discovered that both the lacking and errors in the manuals were at a much greater extent than what we though. These manuals are in the possession of the School and all errors clearly marked in read ink to easily spot them, too many.

The school also acquired the first ever course manual on Colonic Irrigation used to train nurses at University level in the USA, this was followed by the acquisition of the manual on Colonic Irrigation for nurse practitioners specialized in Colonic Irrigation in the USA, then we acquired the Chiropractors main Colonic Irrigation manual in the mid 1970's in the USA. We then looked, acquired, researched all the literature on Colonic Irrigation in the last 200 years, for this we travel extensively and spent 5 years obtaining a copy of more than 70% of all books and documentation published in the last 200 years on Colonic Irrigation. For our amazement, when you combine all this information, we found that there is a vast information and research that has already been done. Another thing which becomes clear, in this study of all this research, is the enormous effort that was being done, at the same time by particular individuals in the "allopathic medical" publications at the editorial level to distort, discredit, ridicule much of the clinical evidence being presented, no matter the credentials of the authors of these found evidence in clinical practice. Basically in regards to training all schools are doing pretty much the same thing and that is: they will teach you how to perform Colonic Irrigation not how to practice Colonic Hydrotherapy, these are two different things. Our School teaches Colonic Hydropathy, in which Colonic Irrigation is an intrinsical part in Colonic Hydrotherapy. We have given much thought on the wording here given, it is not our intention to citizen or judge, but we pray that the Light of Christ who Is God, illuminate and guide them.

School Library

The School has direct access to the Central Archives & Library of the Hospitallers Order of the Good News. These include the worlds largest, and most complete library on Hydropathy in the world, which include many original publications. The Order has the most complete library with books on the topic of Colon Hydropathy, includings the majority of the Articles published in Medical trade press, both in Europe and the United States of America since 1697.

Please Be Aware:
There may be "courses" taken else where, that are not, and never have been; To The Level, with the Technical and Professional Course of the Volksmed School of Health & Pharmacology. If you naively have learned elsewhere, much of what you learn (or not learn) is either incorrect or information is missing from same, incomplete. You will have to learn what these so-called courses never taught you. Please remember an individual or an organization cannot teach what they don't know. You can only teach what you know. Thus, you need to un-learn what has been given you incorrectly, and Learn what is correct, these now based upon; Professional Research & Clinical Evidence spanning more than 200 years of published clinical cases, in which many, and all corroborating one and each other of careful Clinical Observations, Clinical Records, Clinical Reports, Professional Experience, Testimonies and published Scientific Research.

Please be advised: The School is aware of "courses" being offered which claim to make you a "Therapist" in around and abound "1 to 2 weeks". This is wishful thinking, those courses after looking at their syllabus and reading material can make an individual a Colon Hygienist not a "Therapist". Don't be Fooled: The Blind cannot lead the Blind: "For if the blind lead the blind they will both fall in the ditch." Know in whom you believe. Know in what you believe. Know the author of thy belief. How few stop to know that! We say we believe, but what? Who is the author of thy salvation? Who is the author of thy faith, of thy hope, of thy aspirations? Man? What man? Only he, who has made the test in giving himself in the service of his fellow man. The School is part of the Hospitallers Order of the Good News.

Course Standard

All courses the school provides are valuable, the dedication, the study, the work of research that has been placed into each and every one of our course materials, either matches or in the majority of cases it outshines any course material from any other school or schools combined, of either association, college or university level. We consider our course to be invaluable, this is: extremely useful and indispensable for the practice which they have been designed.

What to expect form our courses

The courses are designed to be as compressive as possible, in other words, the courses have been designed in the way, that we expected to have had received the course ourselves in the first place. The printed course material are detailed in their presentation. You will have a sense of progression and logic sequence. Each clinical aspect of delivering treatment are explained in the course material and are shown, and exemplified in clinical training practice during the course.

Equipment cost

You don't need to buy a machine. All you need is a professional colon Hydropathy tank. The cost for a Complete Gravity Tank System Equipment with 50 sets, is around £500, when taking the course please indicate if you wish for us to bring you a complete set. You can either purchase from us, or from elsewhere. We can supply you with the Complete Gravity Tank System at Price of Cost, or you can make your own, and source the individual parts elsewhere. The School is a Charity.


Clinical Practitioner in Colon Hydropathy
This course you learn the place for the Clinical Application of Colon Hydropathy within the Treatment Plan of Health Conditions.

Requirement prior to taking the Course

In order to take the Clinical Practitioner in Colon Hydropathy Course; students must take first the Therapist in Colon Hydropathy Course.

Clinical Practitioner in Colon Hydropathy

 In depth study of the Gastro Intestinal System and its relationships with the Health states of the body.
 There is a Course Manual which is sent to Students, and this must be read before the Course Classroom Lectures.

What will you learn

How to treat health conditions, where Colon Hydropathy is part of the treatment plan, and crucial in order to resolve same.


After the completion of the Clinical Practitioner in Colon Hydropathy, students can partake in the Kneipp Method of Hydropathy Course KHTP®, qualifying as a Hydropath Practitioner.

Course Syllabus

Part IX

History of Water as a Therapeutic Agent in Health
History of Hydropathy
History of Colon Hydropathy (Concise)

Part X

Advanced Anatomy, Physiology of the Digestive System
The Structural Basis of Intestinal Absorption
Motor Function of the Colon
Surgical Anatomy of the Abdomen and the Organs of Digestive System
Detailed and individual overview of the majority of Conditions affecting the Digestive System
Advanced Pathology of the Digestive System
Recognizing Colon Problems and assessing the possible benefit of Colon Therapy
The Causes of Flatulence
Dangers of Over-expansion
Causes of Diarrhoea
Origin of Stasis
Effects of Stasis
Clinical Demonstrations
Aim of the Practitioner
Bowel and Content in Stasis
Cell Involvement
Cell-Structure in relation to Disease
Absorptive and Eliminative Powers of the Cell
Chemical Reactions to the Cell
Toxaemia Dependent upon Stasis
Value of Drainage
Autonomy of the Gastrointestinal Tract
Early Treatment of Stasis
Effects of Stasis on Ileum
Absorption in the Colon
Sources of Body Energy
Reaction of the Intestinal Mucosa
Peculiarities of the Intestinal Musculature
Inspection, Auscultation, Palpation, and Percussion of the Abdomen

Part XI

Clinical Nutrition & Colon Hydropathy
Gastric Digestion
Relation of Diet to Constipation
Modifications of Digestive tract induced by Diet
Mechanics of the Intestine in Relation to Diet
Decay and Digestion
The Microbiome
The Thinking brain and the Feeling brain
Mucosa-Associated Lymphatic Tissue
Gut-Associated Lymphatic Tissue
Anatomy & Embryology of the Colon
Physiology of the Colon
Bowel Control
Intestinal Movements
Anatomical Divisions of the Colon, Length of Entire Colon, The Caecum
Physiology of the Colon
Blood Supply of the Caecum and Vermiform Process
The Lymphatic System
Lymphatic Circulation
Disturbance of the Intestinal Ecosystem by Antimicrobial Agents
Laxative-Induced Damage to the Colon

Part XII

Principles of Colon Therapy
Rectal Injections: Indications and Clinical Application
Enemas Methods Advanced
DRE in Children and Young People
Emergency Rectal Hydration in Remote Environments
The effects of Over the Counter, Common Prescription Pharmacologic Drugs and Physical Agents on the Colon
Colon X-Ray: Interpretation of Clinical Diagnosis
Schellberg legacy on Colonic Irrigation
Bastedo legacy on Colonic Irrigation
Blood supply of the caecum and vermiform process
Lymphatic system
Lymphatic circulation
Taenia coli bands
Action of the taenia coli bands
The colon not a fixed tube
Practical handling of cases of stasis
Mechanics of the intestine in relation to diet Difference between decay and digestion
Sources of animal energy
Dangers of over-expansion
Causes of diarrhoea
Relation of diet to constipation not understood
Efficiency of colonic therapy
The "stout” woman’s plight
Modifications of the digestive tract induced by diet
Erroneous conceptions in regard to “meat eating”
Practical application of colonic therapy
Description of special caecum tube and its potentialities
Warming and arranging solutions
Colon Hydropathy Technique
Irrigating solutions and their particular applications
Necessity for continuous treatments

Clinical Practice:

Medium for Bacillus Acidophilus
Kellogg Medium for Bacillus Acidophilus
Rectal Feeding Method as compared with mouth feeding
Colonoscopy preparation
Solutions used in Colonic Therapy (dose table of each)
Normal salt solution
Carbonate of soda
Intestinal exudate
The Vaginal Douche

Part XII

Clinical Practice:
Anamnesis & Examination
When to use the Stethoscope: Its functional use in Colon Hydropathy
Blood Pressure Exam
Mouth & Dental Exam
PH Exam
Skin Exam
Nails Exam


Legal Aspects for Practicing Clinician in Colon Hydropathy
Working within the Health Profession
Comparison of Training Methods from different CH Training Providers both Historical & Current

Part XIV

Efficiency of Colon Therapy
Detailed and Published Clinical Treatment Plans for the use of Colon Hydropathy, has an Adjuvant Clinical Therapeutic Agent, in the treatment of the following conditions: Constipation, Diabetes, Mental Conditions, Arthritis, Skin Conditions, Nerve Conditions, Migraines, Scoliosis, Epilepsy, etc...
Clinical Evidence: Access to the vast amount (vast means hundreds) of scientific published research as the basis of every Treatment Plan.
Clinical Published Research
Clinical Experience
Clinical demonstrations
Aim of the Practitioner
Scientific Research
The Effects of Antibiotics on the Colon and on the Functioning of the Brain
Errors & Misinformation
Up-to-date Research
Crucial Clinical Notes taking
Clinical Records Keeping
Clinical Research Methods

Course Fees:  £1,800
Price includes: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Students per Course: 1 to 4 maximum (This level the clinical training can be done at 1 tutor for 1 to 4 students max)

Practicing Clinician
in Colon Hydropathy
Clinical Training

Total Hours: Clinical Practitioner in Colon Hydropathy

England, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico


1. Scientific Study Hours:         500 Hours
2. Classroom Lecture Hours:
    60 Lessons (à 45 min.) during 12 days
3. Clinical Training Hours:          32 Lessons (à 45 min.) during 12 days

Time Table
The course is 12 days and it runs 6 days with 1 day off.

Given in this manner: 6 Days of Training, with 1 Day Off, and followed by another 6 Days of Training.

Students who attend all class lectures but do not pass the final exam, and or do not wish to retake the exam will be issued an Award Certificate.

Students who complete and successfully pass their exams will receive a Course Certificate.

Students who complete and successfully pass their exams in all courses are awarded a Diploma:

Level 1 - Certificate
Therapist in Colon Hydropathy

Level 2 - Diploma
Clinical Practitioner in Colon Hydropathy

Professional Insurance: Students can apply for Professional Insurance.

       Course objectives

As a Colon Hydropathy Therapist or Practitioner, your clients could include individuals wanting to improve their general health and wellbeing, as well as those with certain health conditions who want some relief from their symptoms. Colon Hydropathy Therapists and Practitioners start a session by taking details from the patient about their Health History, lifestyle, diet, and any symptoms or areas of concern. They also then discuss an appropriate treatment programme with the client.

During treatment:

- Insert a speculum tube filled with filtered water (warmed to body temperature) into the client's body;

- Repeatedly flush the tube with water to cleanse the colon and rid the body of any waste products;

- You may massage the client's abdomen and other pressure points.

When the treatment is finished, you must follow health and safety procedures to dispose of any body solids and fluids, and prepare the clinical room and sterilise all equipment ready for your next client. Your work may also include giving advice to patients about ways to further improve their health, diet and lifestyle. You may need to refer some clients on to other suitable health care professionals such as Hydropathy Practitioners, Osteopaths or Chiropractors.

Clinical Skills & Knowledge

Colon Hydropathy training can be a powerful therapeutic tool in any health clinic settings, in addition to other health care treatment clinics, health spas and massage therapy centres or practices. On average a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment session usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour. Typically, the colon is rinsed using 25 to 75 litres of clean filtered and warm water. A separate tube removes the water along with any debris. In addition, the Colon Hydrotherapy Hygienist, Therapist or Practitioner may use other treatment methods such as abdominal massage or relaxation techniques, and may administer any enemas or probiotics, or others.

      Prerequisites and co-requisites

Minimum requisites: Students applying to this Course need to have Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Course, either as a Course which was taken specific for Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology or part of another course, in which AP&P is given.

Please be aware that the minimum amount of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology classroom hours should be no less than 120 hours.
Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology can be taken with Volksmed School or with any other school.

      Course requirements

What students will have to do in the course: assignments, exams, projects, performances, attendance, participation.

       Clinical Health Research

Clinical Health Research Materials are issued to Students before and during the Course.

Advantages of Dr Woods Gravity System

1. Allows for a more gentle and natural treatment experience for clients,
2. Control of exact amount of water,
3. Control of exact water temperature,
4. Allows to easily add enemas to treatment,
5. The total investment for the complete gravity system is very affordable.

Colon Hydropathy, The Clinical Evidence and the Health Conditions that Helps to Resolve

"Educating not medicating"

This is the first in a series of books which constitute the foremost Authority on Clinical Research done in Colon Hydropathy.

Book £27.00

ISBN: 978-1-9169599-4-5

Colon Hydropathy, The Clinical Evidence and Published Research

"Educating not medicating"

This is the second Book in a series of books which constitute the Foremost Authority in Colon Hydropathy Research ever done.

Book £27.00

First Edition October 2028

Please pre-book this book, to reassure a copy. The book is done, it is just awaiting the copyright term of 2028.

ISBN: 978-1-9160509-8-3

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