Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy, LMT®
Including Classical Osteopathic Lymphatic Manipulation Techniques
"Lato Sensu Ad Modum Vodder"

     Study Program Requirement

I - Introductory Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, APP
    Approximate Duration 6 months

II - Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy, LMT
     Specific study of the Lymphatic System and its relationships with the Health states of the body. Approximate Duration 6 months of lecture scientific study

III - Clinical Practice Training in Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy
®,  hours of Clinical Practice Training in Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy
       Approximate Duration 10 days (Gaining the required Clinical Skills for Professional Registration)

     About the LMT Method

Dr Estrid Vodder and Dr Emil Vodder

Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy was developed in France in 1932 by Dr Emil Vodder and Dr Estrid Vodder. The Vodder Method has grown to be the most well known Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy to assist lymph flow and aid in drainage of tissues.

In Germany in the city of Wiesbaden, Waldtraud Ritter Winter is trained by the Dr Emil Vodder and Dr Estrid Vodder on the original Vodder Method she receives her Diploma on the 18 June 1969.

Rui Alexandre Gabirro and Waldtraud Ritter Winter

In 2016 Professor Rui Alexandre Gabirro, KHTP®, GCH®, LMT®, BFR®, OM®, CA® and Profesor Ingrid Betancourt, KHTP®, GCH®, LMT®, BFR®, OM®, CA® from the VOLKSMED School of Health & Pharmacology received their full Clinical Training on the Original Vodder Method as preserved in its essence and purity by Professor Waldtraud Ritter Winter.

     History of Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy®

History of Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy

By Prof. Waldtraud Ritter Winter, LMT

The first work

In its basic principles, the lymphatic drainage was introduced for the first time by Alexander von Winiwarter and Johann von Esmarch at the end of the 19th century.

Who has revived Lymphatic Drainage?

Without doubt, lymphatic drainage was born of the sensitivity, incessant studies and obstinacy of Dr. Emil Vodder

Who was Dr. Emil Vodder?

Dr. of Philosophy
Natural of Denmark
Massage Therapist
Based in Cannes in the 1930s
Characteristic Scholarly, Sensitive, Obstinate

Who was Dr Estrid Vodder?

Became a naturopath in Berlin in 1923.
With a good knowledge of the functioning of the Human body.

How did Vodder develop lymphatic drainage?

Global knowledge of the lymphatic system through the study of works by Claude Bernard, Alexis Carrel, Rouvière and Decil Drinker
Observing clients with changes in lymph nodes
Manipulating the swollen glands and recording the effects

When did Vodder create lymphatic drainage?

From the spring of 1932, after treating a client with very hardened cervical lymph nodes, Vodder noticed an amazing improvement after a light neck manipulation.

Experiencing and observing with the help of his wife Dr. Estrid, Vodder sketched his method step by step.

Vodder presents the drainage

In 1936, at the Exhibition Beauté and Santé Vodder presents his method with the name "Le drainage lymphatique"
In the French magazine "SANTÉ POUR TOUS" Vodder publishes his work under the title "Le drainage lymphatique, une nouvelle méthode thérapeutique" in April 1936.

(Le drainage lymphatique, une nouvelle méthode thérapeutique, Revue d'hygiène individuelle, Paris, Santé pour Tous, 1936)

Why did Vodder use the name lymphatic drainage?

Vodder relied on the work of the most renowned lymphologist at the time, Cecil Drinker, who used to use the term "lymphatic drainage" to illustrate lymph fluency.

What is the difference between drainage and massage?
The massage works with pressure, traction or vibration, aiming to increase blood circulation and muscle tone
Vodder drainage works through light pressures whose intensity constantly varies between increasing and decreasing, aiming to increase lymphatic flow

Where does drainage capture lymph?

In loose connective tissue
Loose connective tissue consists of a lot of fluid, few cells, many fibers, lymphatic and blood vessels, and is richly innervated.

What causes the pressures of varying intensity?
The varied pressures of Vodder activate parasympathetic reflexes, provoking muscular and mental relaxation
They act on mechanoreceptors that send the stimulus to the central nervous system
Simultaneously, through collateral connections, inhibitory neurons are activated and can cancel out pains and induce relaxation

How does the action of Vodder drainage differ from other methods?
The massage activates the sympathetic system, increasing the muscular metabolism and also the mental readiness
Massage increases blood flow and consequently more blood plasma is dumped into the fundamental substance.
The action of lymphatic drainage
Increases speed and amount of lymph transported
Reaches the vegetative nervous system with anti-adrenergic effects through monotonous and repeated stimuli
Stimulates the efficiency of the immune system
The first group of professionals interested in lymphatic drainage

It was not the physical therapists, nor the doctors.
Vodder's lectures drew the attention of beauticians who saw drainage as a means to enhance their aesthetic treatments.

A doctor cares

In 1963 the work of Vodder caught the attention of Dr. Johannes Asdonk

What is the greatest merit of Asdonk?

Asdonk fussed with the medical anthill

Asdonk was able to unite the practice of Vodder and that of his disciples with the exact proofs of the scientists.
Recognize the importance of Vodder lymphatic drainage
Collect data on treatments and group them into statistics
Stimulating other scientists to research the basics of Vodder lymphatic drainage
Publish papers and books on the subject
Scientific evidence on the efficacy of lymphatic drainage

Dr. Johannes Asdonk
Prof. Dr. M. Földi
Prof. Dr. H. Mislin
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Kuhnke
Dr. Gregl
Dr. Schoberth
Dr. Collard
Dr. Clodius
Dr. Schneider and many others

Honor for those who deserve it
Many other people have contributed to the development of
Dr Estrid Vodder, ND wife and ever-present companion of Vodder
Beauticians (Christa Bartezko-Asdonk, Christine Schrammek, Inge Götze)
Massage Therapists (Wittlinger, Karling)
Physiotherapists and many others

Fireproof for lymphatic drainage

Vodder and its drainage were suddenly at the center of fierce discussions and controversial critics of the medical class

Attacks and defenses

The Asdonk and Vodder duo did not back down
With the help of many, it was possible to prove each maneuver, each case, each result.

Better yet, it was possible to arouse interest in lymphatic issues and stimulate further research and new findings

The officialization of lymphatic drainage

1966 was founded the Gesellschaft für manuelle Lymphdrainage nach Dr. Vodder (Society for lymphatic drainage)
1976 was entitled Deutsche Gesellschaft für Lymphologie (German Lymphology Society)

Lymphatic drainage in Brazil

June 18, 1969 in Wiesbaden, Germany Professor Waldtraud Ritter Winter guided by the hands of Dr. Vodder in the office of manual lymphatic drainage.
Upon returning to Brazil I introduced the new method in my Estética in Belo Horizonte.
A client enthusiastic about drainage interviewed me on TV

Back to class

1973 I was back in Germany for another course of lymphatic drainage by the Vodder method
1977 Prof. Albert Leduc taught a lymphatic drainage course in Rio de Janeiro. He was invited by Mdme. Klotz, then President of FEBECO.
Definitive recognition of lymphatic drainage
In the year 1976 Dr. Vodder received from the German Society of Lymphology in recognition of his method "The Ring Dr. Vodder".

In the spring of 1986 Dr Johannes Asdonk received the Bundesverdienstkreuz from the German Republic. Klasse in recognition of his efforts to elevate Vodder's lymphatic drainage to a therapy recognized by medicine.

The beginning of more work

Vodder's lymphatic drainage, initially an alternative manipulation, has been transformed into edema therapy, a method of proven efficacy recognized by medicine.

1st International Congress of the Lymphology Society

1978 in Innsbruck, Austria
Dr. Vodder opened the proceedings of the congress with a retrospective on the development of his method.
He called his first intuition of "visionary" drainage because it contradicted all the teachings of the time concerning the lymph nodes.
The diffusion of lymphatic drainage in Brazil
I was invited by AMEC to give courses in lymphatic drainage for Associates and to give lectures in Congresses.
In 1980 I was invited to give a lecture at the 1st Congress of Dermo-Cosmiatry.
On this occasion I taught a post-Congress course on lymphatic drainage.

The evolution of drainage

In the early days of Vodder drainage it treated edemas of the great extremities

Step by step the indications advanced
Taboos crashed
Possibilities for new treatments have opened
Research has discovered new horizons for the application of lymphatic drainage

Pre-menstrual edema

The use of diuretics is contraindicated because the protein-rich edema reacts to the momentary loss of water with increased hydric attraction and in addition with a greater possibility of fibrosis
Lymphatic drainage should be applied at least 3 times a week
The use of elastic stockings in this period accelerates the results
The advantage of drainage in the pre-menstrual period

Prevention of malignant formations

Prevention of cystic mastopathies
Protection against the formation of varicose veins
Pre-Menstrual Tension Relief
Other applications of drainage

Keloids, burn scars, post-orthopedic surgery, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, diseases of the rheumatic cycle, arthroses, cervical syndrome, lumbar syndrome

Drainage and Cellulite

Weight reduction does not reduce cellulite edema
Lymphatic drainage is the most advantageous treatment in the fight against cellulite
Drainage brings improvement even in stages III and IV of cellulite
It should be treated: neck, armpit, abdomen, extremities, if necessary back and buttocks

Other applications of drainage

Keloids, burn scars, post-orthopedic surgery, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, diseases of the rheumatic cycle, arthroses, cervical syndrome, lumbar syndrome
The adiposity

Food control is a prerequisite
Proper exercises are fundamental

Lymphatic drainage helps:

by the removal of metabolic residues
by the removal of excess liquid
by the relaxing stimuli

Venous edema

This edema is the consequence of defective venous valves
Before any lymphatic drainage the doctor should be sure that there is no possibility of locating thrombus
The lymphatic drainage does not eliminate the causes, but it optimizes the capacity of the transport

Treatment of venous edema

Clean the drainage ways (neck, underarms, abdomen, groin)
Draining leg for 45 minutes three times a week
Apply bandaging after drainage
Customer must wear elastic stockings
Maintenance: drainage once a week
Other applications of drainage

Keloids, burn scars, post-orthopedic surgery, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, diseases of the rheumatic cycle, arthroses, cervical syndrome, lumbar syndrome

All mentioned applications of lymphatic drainage, in addition to many others, were studied and proven by Vodder and his disciples

Is there another drainage method that can display an equivalent history?

Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) techniques were derived from the work of Dr Emil Vodder. The Wittlingers met Dr. Emil Vodder, who introduced them to the manual lymph drainage method.

With the support of Dr. Ingrid Kurz, a lymph drainage therapy center was initially established, which in 1974 became the Wittlinger Therapy Center for lymphedema patients, a private medical facility.

The Leduc Method

Prof. Albert Leduc was a student of Vodder, gave courses of lymphatic drainage by the method Vodder; uses in his book schemes on the balance of pressures as Kunke (who belonged to the scientific cycle of Vodder), worked with Dr. Collard, who was of the group of Asdonk, Leduc simplified the drainage of Vodder, impoverishing it.

Földi method

I do not know Dr M. Földi personally, but I did a course of this method with Professor Didier Tompson in 2008. The method has much in common with Vodder, slow, deep maneuvers, less meticulous than those of Vodder, perhaps more generous;
little difference in the sequence of maneuvers and paths. They certainly work.

Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT)

Bruno Chikly, MD, DO developed Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) based on the traditional knowledge of Osteopath A.T. Still, E Miller, FP Millard, and Emil Vodder.

The dangerous

People who change methods to baptize them with their own name.
People who invent methods based on physiology, anatomy, without knowing the path of the lymph and without imagining how fragile are the lymphatic capillaries, and people who teach what they have never learned.

Because of the "dangerous" ...

There are Medical Trade Doctors who do not recommend their clients with lymph problems (rightly so).
People are injured rather than helped
Serious professionals find it hard to work because they are compared to the dangerous ones.

Let's study, learn, practice and spread

Dr Vodder's Method of Lymphatic Manual Therapy LMT®
Let us honour the legacy of a man who dedicated his life to lymphatic drainage

Concerning Stasis - A Major Factor in the Causation of Disease And Drainage as a Factor in Resolving Disease

“This books appears as a need for each individual to understand the very basic workings of all organic bodies, the need for Drainage, and the check and avoidance of Stasis in all systems of the body.
The evils of Stasis are well documented, and are here given some glimpses of its importance, and the ill effects that same can cause to the organic and functional body.
The concept and understanding of Drainages was well understood by Dr Andrew Taylor Still, and others.
In this regards, we sought the study and Clinical Training in the Drainage of Colon.
Further study, and Clinical Training was sought in the Drainage of the Lymphatic System.
Here we understood that the Lymphatics had been neglected by the Medical Trade, but where studied by the students of Dr A.T. Still, in Osteopathy, such as Dr Frederick Payn Millard, DO, “Applied Anatomy of the Lymphatics”, 1922.
We studied first the Lymphatic Drainage with Waldtraud Ritter Winter, a student of Dr Vodder.
Dr Vodder had written “Le Drainage Lymphatique, une nouvelle Méthode Thérapeutique”.
This was the first publication on Manual Lymph Drainage, by Dr Emil Vodder, in Paris 1936.
His work attracted many to the field of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
It was with surprise that soon after we found the works from the students of Dr Still, who also had published extensively on the subject of Lymphatic Drainage.
But these early publications on the Clinical Treatment of the Lymphatics was mainly done in the United States of America, and in the English language.
It seem very probable that those in the Europe, and more so, those living in the French speaking countries had no knowledge or access to these publications.
So the observational work on the lymphatics by Dr Vodder came exclusively from his Clinical experiences.
Latter on, when we took our Clinical Training in Osteopathic Manipulation, and studying further the published works of Dr A.T. Still, that we became aware that there was a much faster way to move the lymphatic system, by using Osteopathic Manipulation Treatments.
This was a big game change, to learn the Osteopathic Technique to move lymph.
We had also understood, during our Clinical Training in Hydropathy, that Hydropathic Treatments where excellent in resolving Stasis, and thus an amazing help to all the Emunctories, of which the Lymphatics are one of them.

When it was understood that:

1. Manual Lymphatic Drainage method of Dr Vodder
2. Osteopathic Manipulation Techniques for the Lymph
3. Hydropathic Treatments aimed at Lymph Circulation

All of these Clinical Health Methods of Treatment where or great usefulness, and offering greater speedily when combined, the Clinical Method of Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy (LMT), was conceived.

Those wanting more information on Stasis upon the various body systems of the body, should consult the Book Emunctology.” - Rui Alexandre Gabirro, Emunctologist in “Concerning Stasis - A Major Factor in the Causation of Disease And Drainage as a Factor in Resolving Disease”, 2022.


     Course Description
The Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy, LMT® course / module, consists on a 6 month study course / module gaining the clinical skills for professional Registration.

Who is this course for

Students who wish to study Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy®.

Course: Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy® (Dr. Vodder Technique & Osteopathic Lymphatic Drainage Manipulation)

1. Facial Lymphatic Manipulation
2. Body Lymphatic Manipulation
3. Postoperative Lymphatic Manipulation

Course Syllabus
 (Non exhaustive List)

Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic System Advanced Course
Functions of the lymphatic system
Components of the lymphatic system
Main lymph nodes of the body
Circulation of tissue fluids
Overview of the blood vessels of head and neck
Relationship between blood and lymph
The Immune System
Cells of the Immune System
Emunctory Centres and its System
Gut-Associated Lymphatic Tissue GALT
Mucosa-Associated Lymphatic Tissue MALT
What is Lymphatic drainage
Effects of Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy (LMT®)
Disorders of the Lymphatic System
Foods that aggravate and aid the Lymph
History of Dr Vodder Lymphatic Therapy (Ad Modum Vodder)

Clinical Practice

Lymphatic Facial Manipulation
Lymphatic Corporal Manipulation
Post-operatory Lymphatic Therapy
Lymph Pockets Therapy
Drainage pathways of the lymphatic system
Pathophysiology of the lymphatic system
Lymphatic insufficiencies and conditions that lead to the development of Edema
Difference between edema and lymphedema
Basic strokes and their effects
Application of LMT® sequences in healthy lymphatic systems
Application of LMT® to post-traumatic and post-surgical
Application of LMT® sequences to various pathologies

Classical Osteopathy Drainage Methods

Classic Osteopathy Lymphatic Drainage Manipulations Techniques from the Early Osteopathic Schools.


Body Exercises that are an aid to Lymphatic Circulation

Human Hygiene

Treatment Principle and Therapeutic Techniques

Explanation, Demonstration and Practice of Lymphatic Manipulation techniques including the four basic strokes

Indications & Contraindication

Indications & Contraindications of LMT®

Course Fees:  £1,000

Students per Course: 1 to 4 maximum

Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy® Course
Clinical Training

Total Hours: Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy® Course
Location: Bahia, Brazil.

Course Fees:  £1,000
Price includes: Accommodation & Food.

1. Scientific Study Hours:         150 Hours
2. Classroom Lecture Hours:
    13 Lessons (à 45 min.)
3. Clinical Training Hours:          50 hours (during 10 days) of Clinical Training in Lymphatic Manipulation Therapy

Students who attend all class lectures but do not pass the final exam, and or do not wish to retake the exam will be issued an Award Certificate.

Students who complete and successfully pass their exams will receive a Certificate.

Students who complete and successfully pass their exams in all courses are awarded a Diploma: Lymphatic Manipulation Therapist (Ad Modum Vodder).

Change of Mind & Refunds: Our courses are given to the best standards and are second to none.
But each person is different and we understand that things may change.

Our Guarantee to our students
If for any given reason you changed your mind after paying for any course but before taking a class then we will refund your payment “no questions asked”.
If you attended one or more classes and then had a change of mind we will refund you per each day you haven't participated, “again no questions asked”.

      Course objectives

Clinical Skills & Knowledge

1. Facial Lymphatic Manipulation
2. Body Lymphatic Manipulation
3. Postoperative Lymphatic Manipulation

      Prerequisites and co-requisites

Minimum Requisites: Courses students need to have taken a Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Course.

      Course requirements

What students will have to do in the course: assignments, exams, projects, performances, attendance, participation.

       Clinical Health Research

"Paradoxically, despite the exponential research advances of the last decade that have revolutionized our understanding of lymphatic development, function and pathology, this vital biological system still receives little attention in the formal undergraduate and postgraduate medical curriculum. This is particularly disappointing when one considers the sheer prevalence of lymphatic disease in the United States and throughout the world. Nevertheless, the millions of individuals with forms of primary and secondary lymphatic diseases most often encounter responses from medical caregivers that reflect ignorance ("I have never seen that"), disbelief ("There is nothing wrong with you"), and frustration ("I don't know anyone that can help you")." - Academic Research Article

The well-being of every individual depends on the health of the lymphatic system.” - Lymphatic Research Foundation

Scientific investigation of the Lymphatic System will provide preventive and Therapeutic benefits for hundreds of millions of people.” - Lymphatic Research Foundation

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