Toxaemia (TOx)SM
Systemic Toxicity (Autointoxication)
Acute and Chronic Inflammation
Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology of the Emunctory System: Emunctology

     Course description

Course: Toxaemia (TOx)SM

Toxemia: Systemic Toxicity (Autointoxication) in Acute and Chronic Inflammation

With the special study on: Emunctology is the Clinical and Academic Research Study on the Anatomy, Physiology of the Emunctory System and its effect in the cause of Pathology,
mechanisms of development (pathogenesis), structural alterations of cells (morphologic changes), and the consequences of changes (clinical manifestations) in disease.

Requisites: AP&P

Who should attend:  Health Professionals and Health Students with an interest in Toxaemia

Toxaemia (TOx) 2018 Total Hours:  Toxaemia (TOx)SM

4-9  March 2018
          6-11  May  2018

Dover, Kent, England

Course Fees:  £3,500

1. Scientific Study Hours:         80 Hours during a 6 month period
2. Classroom Lecture Hours:
    36 Hours in 48 Lessons (à 45 min.)
3. Clinical Training Hours:          20 hours of Clinical Training in Toxaemia (TOx)


"History teaches us that the views of modern times constantly revert to those points which were regarded by earlier observers as settled, and thus, particularly nowadays, when so few have leisure for the historical study of science, there is perhaps ample justification for bringing old notions within the intellectual view of a succeeding generation."
- R. Virobow's Preface to his “Gesammelte Abhandlungen zur Wissenschaftlichen Medicin” 1856

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